NEW! Creaseless Hair Ties

Creaseless Hair Ties

We’ve added photos of our new creaseless hair ties, which will be available at select craft shows this summer and fall (while supplies last). So cute!

These silky 0.625″ wide elastics come in assorted colors and will keep your hair crease-free, even after hours of wear! Plus, they won’t cut of the circulation to your hand if you wear one (or five) around your wrist all day to keep it in easy reach!

Just got the package today!  I am proudly wearing a pink one right now.  Very handy and very comfortable!
–Manda S. (customer)


$3/pack (or two packs for $5)

View gallery of available styles »


Welcome to our new blog!


There’s not much here (yet), but don’t you worry. We’ll be posting all kinds of fun stuff on this blog… in-process photos, special deals, upcoming designs, plus our full line of nursery and toddler linens!

Stay tuned!